Blagraves House takes its name from the Blagrave family who were resident here in the 17th Century. The crested ceiling on the first floor has a strap work panel with the date 1672 and the initials WIB, this commemorates a marriage within the Blagrave family that year.

Crested ceiling in restaurant, dated 1672.  Click for larger image. Carved boar - symbol of Richard III

Earlier the house was given by Richard III to Joan Forest whose husband Miles Forest [Keeper of Kings Wardrobe] along with John Dighton were reputed to have disposed of the two young princes at the Tower of London. In an extract from the Patent Rolls of Richard III and dated September 9th 1484 it states "Grant for life to Joan Forest, widow, to the Kings servant, Miles Forest, and Edward her son an annuity of five marks from the issue of the Lordship of Barnard Castle." On a south facing wall remains the carved stone figure of a Boar, this being indicative of Richard III reign.

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