'This indenture..'.  Part of the deeds of Blagraves House.The Deeds on show date from the 2nd day of June 1725 when Blagraves House was bought by William Tomlinson [Fishmonger] from Michael and Mary Coates [Weavers] for the sum of One Hundred and Twenty Six Pounds One Shilling on the understanding he provides One Pound Fourteen Shillings each year to the poor of Barnard Castle.


The attic of the house was secretly used as a meeting place for the followers of John Wesley this came to light when various religious tracts inscribed on the walls were discovered under covering plaster. To rear of the building in the courtyard leading to the oak paneled banqueting hall stands a statue of Charles I, this being left from when Blagraves was used as a museum and was known as Cromwell House.
This is only a brief glimpse into the centuries of history which makes Blagraves House such a unique building.

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